Unleashing the Power of Video Analytics: Building Smarter Cities

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the concept of a Smart city has become increasingly essential. But what exactly does it mean for a city to be “smart”? Smart cities employ advanced solutions and technologies to improve the quality of life for their residents, adopt sustainability practices, and optimize day-to-day urban operations. At the core of this system lies the innovative uses of video analytics, where its tools and solutions continuously revolutionize how smart cities function and expand. With automated processes and seamless surveillance, Avidbeam solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual intervention in smart cities.


Driving Efficiency and Safety: AvidAuto’s Innovative Solutions for Smart City Mobility

Video analytics plays a vital role in monitoring and managing activities in smart cities’ busy streets and transportation hubs. AvidAuto, a cutting-edge solution powered by Avidbeam, applies and amplifies these functions through:

Smart Traffic Management System: provides real-time updates for traffic flow. It can detect speeding vehicles, those running through traffic lights, moving in the wrong direction, and other traffic anomalies. AvidAuto helps in mitigating traffic congestion and promotes road safety.

Smart Parking System: AvidAuto employs recognition technologies around the city to provide statistics and analytics of entry and exit times and average duration times of vehicles occupying parking slots. It also identifies empty parking slots that can be used for those searching for parking slots using a parking application. AvidAuto also detects many parking violations including double parking violations.


Revolutionizing Retail Dynamics: AvidRetail’s Innovations for Enhanced Store Operations in Smart Cities

AvidRetail, another advanced innovative solution powered by Avidbeam, transforms retail store operations within smart cities by:

Amplifying Store Layout: AvidRetail utilizes heat map and customer pathway analysis which allows store owners to make informed decisions that optimize store layout. This also helps store owners enhance their customers’ experience by employing better product placement and accordingly increases sales.

Minimizing Crowded Hotspots: By identifying crowded areas, AvidRetail helps manage flow and traffic and ensures a convenient seamless shopping experience. It can also provide useful information about the need for additional labor for cleaning or balancing lighting and air conditioning in areas around the store or the mall.

Revealing Customer Demographic Trends: Utilizing video analytics, AvidRetail transforms valuable insights into customer demographics and preferences, enabling accurate targeted marketing strategies.

Accelerating Investigations: In case of incidents, AvidRetail accelerates the investigation process by providing detailed footage, aiding in resolving issues, and enhancing security.

Enabling Real-time Security Response: With real-time monitoring features, AvidGuard enables swift security responses to potential threats, ensuring a safe environment for staff and shoppers.

Securing Smart Spaces: Avidbeam’s Video Analytics Solutions for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency in Commercial Complexes

Video analytics extends its effects into smart commercial and office complexes, enhancing security and operational efficiency through:

Object and Perimeter Protection: Avidbeam’s solutions offer effective protection against intrusion, loitering, and suspicious behavior, keeping premises and assets safe.

Smoke and Fire Detection: Avidbeam’s advanced video analytics solutions can detect smoke and fire in real time, translate that into immediate alerts, and facilitate swift emergency responses.

People and Object Counting: By accurately counting people and objects, Avidbeam enables efficient space management and accurate resource allocation.

Access Control: Avidbeam’s solutions provide access control for both people and vehicles, ensuring authorized entry and enhancing overall security.


In summary, integrating video analytics into smart cities’ day-to-day functions brings a multitude of benefits. Video analytics applications are transformative, enhancing traffic management and public safety, optimizing retail operations, and securing commercial complexes. As cities continue to evolve and embrace technological advancements, video analytics will remain indispensable in building smarter, safer, and more efficient urban environments for all. Avidbeam stands at the forefront of this transformation, empowering cities to thrive and shine in the digital age.