Hotels Solutions

Hotels Overview

AvidBeam’s video analytics solutions are designed to help hotels optimize their operations, enhance safety and security, and increase operational efficiency. By analyzing live video streams from hotel surveillance cameras, AvidBeam’s software modules can automatically extract valuable business intelligence information, providing insights into hotel operations, workplace conditions, access management, security threats, and personnel compliance. With these insights, hotels can improve their operations and reduce costs by enhancing safety, security, and efficiency.

Solution Benefits

Operational Efficiency

AvidBeam’s video analytics solutions can enhance hotel operations by monitoring guest flow, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing staffing levels to improve efficiency and enhance guest experience.

Enhanced Security

AvidBeam’s video analytics technology helps hotels identify potential security threats, like unauthorized access or suspicious behavior, and alert security personnel in real-time. It can also detect unauthorized access to restricted areas and alert staff to take appropriate action, enhancing hotel security measures.

Customer Experience

AvidBeam’s video analytics solutions generate valuable data insights into guest behavior, traffic patterns, and operational efficiency, enabling hotel managers to make informed decisions that can improve overall performance and profitability.

AvidBeam Solutions

Gates & Parking

  • LPR on Gates
  • Create Watchlists
  • Visitors Database
  • Illegal Parking
  • Wrong Direction
  • Fast Forensic Search

Hotel Perimeter

  • Loitering Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fence Crossing Detection
  • Fast Forensic Search
  • Left Object Detection
  • Vehicles Around Perimeter

Utility Rooms

  • Fast Forensic Search
  • Safety Equipment
  • Loitering Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fall Detection
  • Smoke & Fire Detection
  • Left Object Detection

Open Spaces

  • Loitering Detection
  • Fence Crossing
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Left Object Detection
  • Crowd Detection at Evacuation Points
  • Fast Forensic Search

Reception Area

  • Face Recognition
  • Gender/Age Detection
  • Visitors Count
  • Watchlists
  • Mask Detection
  • Fast Forensics
  • Search Safety Distancing

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