Our Story
AvidBeam is the story of how a shared vision and passion for futuristic technology could bring people together to work in perfect harmony. The founding team members are ex tech giant Intel Corp who shared a great passion for video technologies.

The story started with spotting opportunities for computer vision that deliver value to business customers, make them feel safer and offer useful insights to their business. The revolution in Artificial Intelligence, deep learning and Big Data has enabled this vision.

Today, AvidBeam offers cutting edge solutions for Smart Spaces, Smart Buildings & Cities including Smart Retail and other target markets. AvidBeam addresses public safety, security, and business intelligence, among other domains. Along this journey, AvidBeam has created successful partnerships with system integrators, multinational technology providers and OEM manufacturers.

Despite being a young company, AvidBeam is a multi-award winner; recognized twice as one of the 20 most promising Big Data Start-ups by CIO Review, and selected as one of the Top 100 AI start-ups in the world that will impact the 4th industrial revolution, by reputable international awarding organizations, such as IFC and the World Economic Forum.


To build cost efficient, scalable & flexible AI toolset to process Video Data diligently and to be a one stop shop for all video intelligence insights to optimize our customers’ business performance, sharpen their competitive edge, and nurture their growth.


To become the preferred Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision partner for the 4th Industrial Revolution Era and beyond. We aspire to empower Humanity and fulfil its innate sense of curiosity with a Technology that ‘sees’, so that it can exceed all boundaries in a way that only AI can achieve.

AvidBeam Values

Customer Oriented

Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We stand out because we genuinely listen, understand and meet our customers’ needs.

Result Oriented

We create value for our team, customers, shareholders and the community. We focus on transforming our actions into impactful deliverables and we do it smartly with laser-focused eye on result-oriented.

Quality Driven

We are avid minds who are committed to delivering better quality everyday. Inspirited by accountability, we always challenge the status quo and strive for quality-driven processes. We learn and iterate with one objective in mind: quality results.

Risk Takers

We embrace creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We take risks that expand beyond new ideas and inspire us to approach each day with passion.


Our formula of success is our great like-minded team members with positive attitude and vibes, our work environment is home to a strong internal culture that fuels our excellence everyday.


We deliver excellence with discipline and punctuality. We are constantly learning to improve, innovate and deliver timely. We are open, honest, and ethical across our operations.

AvidBeam Management Team

Dr. Hani El-GebalyFounder & CEO

Hossam SamyManaging Director & COO

Mina SaadVP, Engineering and Products

Dr. Amr KaisVP, Strategy & Business Development

Michael GutmannPresident - US Office