AvidBeam unlocks the power of big data in video processing & analytics by leveraging machine learning as a fundamental tool that delivers deep learning techniques to the detection and recognition process coupled, with significant breakthroughs in accuracy improvements. 

At the core, AvidBeam leverages three main infrastructure components to build video analytics products targeting smart cities, retail, automotive, industrial and consumer space.

“Our goal is to deliver computer vision services to the customers in all sectors in the most scalable way and using the most feasible amount of resources”
Hani Elgebaly
AvidBeam CEO

An open platform that elevates Big-Data tools for efficient, and scalable video content processing and analytics

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A diversified set of built-in Computer Vision/Artificial Intelligence algorithms for tagging and annotating video contents, to extract a wealth of useful business intelligence information, in elegant, visual formats.

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A smart video transcoding solution that optimizes the needed bandwidth for seamless video transmission while maintaining the video quality needed to perform video content analytics on the transmitted videos.

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