Transforming the Railway Sector: Embracing Video Analytics for Comprehensive Security and Operational Management

Railways are among the most essential transportation networks, serving as an efficient means for transporting both passengers and freight across long distances. However, the railway system faces common challenges related to security and operational concerns that demand a strategic solution like video analytics. AvidBeam’s AI video analysis goes beyond traditional surveillance methods, as it analyzes video data in real-time and contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the railway system.

This blog post will go over the challenges facing the railway sector and how AvidBeam’s video analytics solutions are bridging these security and operational gaps.


The Challenges Confronting the Railway Industry

The railway industry faces numerous obstacles, from security breaches to operational hurdles, all of which hinder the system’s overall efficiency. A major concern is that safety rules and procedures are not strictly enforced, which puts the railway system at risk.

Staff members’ inadequate training makes these problems worse because they might not be equipped to handle unforeseen situations. This lack of training not only puts passenger safety at risk but also increases the likelihood of accidents. Furthermore, there is a significant risk to the integrity of the train system due to the frequency of theft and vandalism, which could lead to disruptions in operation. Video AI analytics solutions are hereby needed to ensure passenger safety, asset protection, and the general resilience of transportation networks.


Fortifying Railway Security Along the Border and Perimeter

The perimeters of railways are often vulnerable to security threats including theft, vandalism, and trespassers. Therefore, train stations need to implement video AI analytics systems to ensure the safety of the outer boundaries of the station.

Illegal parking detection is one way that rail security staff can rely on to improve safety and traffic flow. By discouraging illegal parking systems, AvidAuto can analyze real-time video footage to identify unauthorized parking behaviors based on license plates.

Another powerful technology that security guards can employ to prevent breaches is by using fence crossing detection. By using cutting-edge video analysis, authorities are notified of any attempts by individuals to cross fences, facilitating swift security response and enhancing overall security protocols.

A loitering detection system provides an additional layer of security and helps avert possible incidents. The system involves video processing and analysis that detects individuals who aimlessly spend unusually long periods around the perimeter.

Using the intrusion detection feature, AvidGuard triggers a quick alert letting higher-ups know about unauthorized access, enabling them to make well-informed decisions in response to such suspicious behaviors.



Ensuring Seamless Parking and Accessibility

Parking spaces frequently experience instances of illegal violations, leading to chaos and security concerns. To address these challenges, the integration of License Plate Recognition technology on gates can analyze LPR information to manage access control at entry and exit points for a more secure environment.

Security personnel at rail stations can prevent security mishaps by using video analytics to identify various infractions, such as driving in the wrong direction, parking illegally, and speeding excessively.

More accurate loitering detection is made possible by AI-powered video analytics. Security staff can be promptly alerted when someone remains near limits for a long time, allowing for an instant reaction to the situation.

Having an innovative model for spotting unattended items at parking areas, can help to ensure the safety of both the train passengers and workers by using left object detection system.

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Keeping Rail Station Platform Secure

The train track is a key component in the transportation network at the rail station platform. However, a set of challenges exists that could seriously pose significant risks to the safety and reliability of the entire system.

One of the most common challenges that cause accidents is objects on tracks. The left object detection system can detect items on track in real time by raising alarms to rail operators for informed decision-making and prevent a collision.

Another obstacle faced by railway station platforms is crossing the train tracks. The track-crossing detection system uses video AI analytics to capture individuals trespassing on the track, sending out a notification to the relevant authorities so they can take the required action to get them out of the region.

The majority of train station platforms are experiencing unacceptable levels of overcrowding, which makes it difficult for passengers to get on and off the train. Heatmapping analysis system provides valuable information with color intensity into passenger flow patterns and congestion, making it easier for train operators to improve infrastructure, allocate resources, and provide reliable services.

Unusual behaviors on the platform of a train station may also pose a serious risk to public safety. Face recognition technology can quickly detect fraud, theft, terrorism, and vandalism by examining a person’s facial features and comparing them with a database of known faces to precisely determine matches to ensure a secure environment.

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Elevating Passenger Experience in the Station Concourse

Video analysis for railways can also be applied in a station concourse for security purposes. For instance, it helps identify fire and smoke instances, notifying security guards to take immediate action and improve evacuation.

Analyzing video footage from surveillance cameras can assist in understanding the crowd dynamics within the concourse. By using a density analysis system, station operators can effectively manage queues at security checkpoints and ticket counters, and optimize layout and staffing levels.

Video analytics algorithms can recognize suspicious activities such as fighting, fraud, and unattended items in the concourse that could endanger people’s safety, then an alert is sent for quick action to ensure overall facility security.



AvidBeam’s Video Analytics has significantly improved safety and operational efficiency in the railway sector. It paves the way for future growth of safe and efficient railway networks by guaranteeing improved infrastructure and passenger safety while fostering smooth and efficient operation.