Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil & Gas Overview

AvidBeam’s video analytics software modules can help oil & gas companies optimize their operations and increase safety by automatically analyzing live video streams to extract valuable business intelligence information. This information can be used to optimize operational efficiency and address various challenges facing the industry. By leveraging video analytics, companies can gain insights into operation, workplace conditions, and personnel compliance, which can lead to improved safety, security, and efficiency. Ultimately, by leveraging technology, oil & gas companies can optimize their operations, increase safety, and drive greater business success.

Solution Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Video analytics can help oil & gas companies to monitor their operations, identify bottlenecks, reduce work accidents, ensure compliance and optimize workflow processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Enhanced Security

AvidBeam’s software can detect unauthorized access to restricted areas, such as hazardous zones or sensitive equipment areas, and notify staff to take appropriate action. Additionally, it can also assist in compliance with industry regulations and standards, minimizing the risk of costly penalties.


Video analytics can help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards by monitoring and analyzing their operations in real-time.

AvidBeam Solutions

Off-Shore Solutions

  • Fire & Smoke Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • HSE – Missing PPE
  • Crowd Detection
  • People Counting
  • Helicopter Clear Area Detection

Marine Solutions

  • Automate Vehicles & Containers Recording Process
  • Crowd Detection on Port
  • Smart Protection for the Marine Fence

On-Shore Perimeter

  • Fence Crossing Detection
  • LPR on Gates
  • Wrong Direction Detection
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Visitors Database
  • Left Object Detection
  • Loitering Detection

Station Concourse

  • Crowd Detection
  • Social/Safety Detection
  • Visitor Count
  • Gender/Age Detection
  • Visitors Database
  • Left Object Detection
  • Fire & Smoke Detection
  • Face Recognition

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