AvidAuto: The Essence of Safety

Why settle for traditional traffic video analytics?

Take your traffic analysis to the next level with a next-generation traffic video analytics solution from AvidBeam.

AvidAuto Solution

AvidAuto™ is a real-time traffic monitoring system that harnesses the power of AI-driven video analytics. This advanced solution revolutionizes vehicle surveillance by providing unparalleled capabilities in license plate recognition, vehicle and driver detection, access control, vehicle search, vehicle count, as well as statistical and analytical trends.

AvidAuto’s intelligent vehicle-flow analytics solution aims to seamlessly translate data into meaningful visual information from traffic surveillance cameras, detecting traffic violations and vehicle plates (LPR) that enter the community from different gates or locations. Furthermore, it empowers you to create customizable watchlists, bolstering security and control at access points.

Experience the future of traffic management with AvidAuto, where real-time insights and advanced analytics combine to optimize your monitoring efficiency and ensure unparalleled safety and security.


AvidAuto Features

  • Vehicle Access Density Analysis
  • License Plate Recognition (Arabic/Latin)
  • Vehicles Count (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Allow/ Deny List Checking
  • Searching for cars by License Plate, Date and Time, and Location
  • Detects License Plate Type, Model, Make, & Color
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Saves Images of Vehicles Per Each Detection
  • Create Vehicle Watchlist (Deny/Allow Lists)
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Track a specific car to identify vehicles movement pattern
  • Detailed Reporting Formats

Traffic Violation Detection

AvidAuto utilizes an intelligent transportation system that relies on patented AI-powered video analytics software to automatically track vehicle movement patterns and identify instances of traffic violations, such as sudden lane changes, red light violations, illegal parking, car speeding, wrong direction detection, and seatbelt violations, to enforce the compliance with traffic regulations set for traffic management and ensure safety on roads.

License Plate Recognition and Vehicle Classification

AvidAuto solution employs video AI analytics featuring
license plate recognition that can capture vehicle license plate information with date, time, and location (Arabic/English) by analyzing video feeds from surveillance cameras installed at junctions and automatically saving this information for later inspection.

AvidAuto video analytics search for vehicles by their color, type, make, and model to identify potential suspects by comparing the collected data to a stored database to increase safety and security within the community.

Vehicle Density Analysis

AvidAuto uses AI-powered video processing and analytics to estimate the density and number of vehicles passing through roads and parking areas. Our real-time video analytics technology utilizes computer vision algorithms to determine access volumes based on time-of-day on gates and identify vehicle counts for multiple areas by analyzing video footage from traffic cameras to enhance traffic flow and alleviate congestion that leads to increased accident rates during rush hours.

Authorized Vehicle Detection

AvidBeam provides companies that offer access control with the AvidAuto video analytics technology to track vehicles entering and exiting gated communities. Instead of relying on manned security guards and patrol, real-time video analytics solutions leverage video AI to analyze live or recorded video footage from surveillance cameras on roads to detect vehicles.

AvidAuto system uses the license plate recognition feature to grant or deny vehicles from gate access based on predetermined criteria. Our video analysis platform also detects congestion to reduce overcrowding on gate access and ensure people’s and property safety.

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