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AvidAuto Solution

AvidAuto™ is a real-time traffic monitoring system for vehicle license plate numbers, vehicle and driver detection, access control, vehicle search, and vehicle count as well as statistical and analytical trends. The solution aims to automatically detect vehicle plates (LPR) entering the community from different gates or locations and provides the ability to create watchlists to increase security at access gates.


AvidAuto Features

  • Vehicle Access Density Analysis
  • License Plate Recognition (Arabic/Latin)
  • Vehicles Count (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Allow/ Deny List Checking
  • Searching for cars by License Plate, Date and Time, and Location
  • Detects License Plate Type, Model, Make, & Color
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Saves Images of Vehicles Per Each Detection
  • Create Vehicle Watchlist (Deny/Allow Lists)
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Track a specific car to identify vehicles movement pattern
  • Detailed Reporting Formats

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