AvidGuard: Your Vigilant Guard

Unleashing AI-Driven Security for A Safer Future with AvidGuard

AvidGuard Solution

AvidGuard is a smart early warning system that provides prompt alerts and situation logging to detect intrusion, loitering, left objects, crowd, traffic violation (such as moving in the wrong direction or parking violations) and all services that a human guard could provide with full awareness and no interruptions.

AvidGuard is an advanced AI-powered video analytics technology that can be used for a variety of purposes. It encompasses smart features such as detecting suspicious objects, anomalies, smoke and fire, mask compliance, traffic violations, and personal protective equipment detection. AvidGuard provides meaningful data that improve community safety and security by analyzing video content from security cameras.

AvidGuard Features

  • Intruder Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Allow and Deny list checking
  • Anomaly & Action Detection
  • Traffic Violations
  • Crowd Detection
  • Suspicious Object Detection
  • Smoke & Fire Detection
  • Scene Change
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Trespassing Detection
  • PPE Detection
  • Disconnected Camera Alert
  • Detailed Reporting Formats
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Real-Time Fast Video Search

Smoke and Fire Detection

AvidGuard detects signs of smoke and flame, using AI-based video analytics to analyze video footage from surveillance cameras.

Video analysis software can detect smoke and fire patterns such as shape, movement, and changes in color. When the system identifies such motion characteristics, a prompt alert is sent to security personnel or an automated fire suppression system, preventing disaster and minimizing damage.

Personal Protective Equipment Detection

Personal protective equipment detection (PPE) is another AvidGuard video analytics application. This entails employing video AI to recognize whether employees in a video stream are wearing the necessary PPE items, such as safety helmets, safety glasses, gloves, and high-visibility vests.

The system analyzes video footage from surveillance cameras to detect colors, shapes, and visual cues related to different personal protective equipment, ensuring that employees comply with their personal protective equipment for a safer environment.

Traffic Violations Detection

AvidGuard utilizes video AI analytics to automatically record traffic violations from video content captured by traffic monitoring systems.

Video processing and analytics can detect multiple forms of traffic violations, such as vehicle speeding, sign violations, illegal parking, wrong-way driving, sudden lane changes, and seatbelt violations. Data extracted from traffic cameras can be used to improve road safety, optimize traffic flow, and enforce traffic laws.

Face Mask Detection

AvidGuard has a face mask detection feature that employs AI-powered video analytics to determine if an individual in the video footage is wearing a mask.

The system analyzes video content from surveillance cameras to detect face masks by shape, color and texture. When the system recognizes people with no masks, an instant notification is sent to security personnel or relevant authorities to ensure compliance with mask regulations and improve the overall security.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is another plugin feature of AvidGuard, which uses AI-based video analytics solutions to detect unusual behaviors, events or patterns.

AvidGuard analyzes data extracted from video cameras by comparing the current observations to a pre-defined baseline of normal behaviors. When any deviation occurs in the scene, a quick alert is triggered to notify security guards to deter such anomalies, like loitering, vandalism, unauthorized access, fraudulent activities, and other security breaches to enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Suspicious Object Detection

AvidGuard searches for leftover objects and flags items in video footage that are different from the ordinary pattern of the environment using AI-powered video analytics.

This video analysis platform excels in detecting suspicious objects, such as backpacks, packages, bags, and unattended items to assess their behavior and context in the scene. Once identified, the system promptly alerts security personnel to investigate and address potentially suspicious items.

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