Industry Solutions

Video AI analytics provides municipalities and smart communities with real-time large-scale video processing and analytics. Video analysis software modules automatically analyze live video streams by offering meaningful insights into critical business operations from surveillance cameras to enhance the overall traffic flow, improve public safety, streamline vital business operations, and effectively manage traffic.

Railway stations can use real-time video analytics that automatically analyzes live video streams to deliver valuable business information into railway operations from surveillance cameras. Railway video analytics with AI-powered surveillance enables concerned authorities to monitor passenger flows, behaviors, bottlenecks, and traffic patterns, enriching operational efficiency and ensuring passengers’ safety.

video AI analytics solutions are emerging as a key technology in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The software modules automatically provide insights into traffic patterns from live camera footage allowing authorities to track vehicles and detect various forms of traffic violations to boost traffic flow, ensure traffic compliance, improve public safety, and create a more regulated traffic environment.

Video analytics for oil and gas can provide managers with instant insights into operations, working conditions, and employee compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) from live video streams deployed in the perimeters. With AI-based video analytics systems, oil and gas companies can streamline operations, improve safety protocol, optimize operational efficiency, and drive greater business success.

Video analytics for smart ports enable organizations to gain insight into operations, workplace conditions, access controls, security threats, and employee compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE). Leveraging AI-powered video analysis, marine ports can ensure regulation enforcement, automate container recording processes, improve efficiency while reducing costs, and offer smart protection for the marine’s perimeter.

Video analytics for smart retail automatically analyze live video surveillance footage to extract valuable business information. With retail video analytics, store owners can obtain information on consumer attitudes, demographics, sales routes, distribution, density, marketing metrics for route analysis, and buying habits that were previously limited to online retailers to help improve business operations.

Data center video analytics are compatible with current security systems and offer a user-friendly dashboard for seamless management. real-time video AI analytics can analyze video footage by extracting valuable insights from video surveillance cameras installed in data centers’ perimeters, helping detect suspicious behavior and track employees to improve data center security, boost operational efficiency, and ensure regulations enforcement.

Video analytics for public parks enable managers to gain valuable insights into visitors’ behavior by extracting intelligent business information from surveillance cameras deployed in public parks. With real-time video AI analytics technology, public parks can effectively manage crowds, monitor safety, and track visitor behavior to enhance visitors’ experience, operational efficiency, and the well-being and safety of pedestrians.

Video analytics for smart buildings analyze live video surveillance footage to extract business intelligence information to enrich the building management experience by equipping the operations team with fast video analytics search capabilities and early warning alerts for suspicious behaviors. Video AI can also track visitor traffic flow, bottlenecks, staff performance, and visitor behavior for security and operational efficiency.

Video analytics for banking provides insightful information by analyzing live video surveillance footage to enhance customer experience, safety, situational awareness, and operational efficiency. By leveraging video AI analytics, banks can identify fraudulent activities, monitor customers’ flow, analyze customer service, measure teller performance, enhance workflow process, and detect customer behavior.

AvidBeam scalable video analytics search solutions manage on-site safety and security in industrial zones by generating meaningful visual information from surveillance cameras. Real-time video AI analytics provide personal protective equipment detection, anomaly detection, predict hazardous incidents and monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic to maintain workers’ safety.

With video AI Analytics solutions, security guards can leverage valuable insights extracted from gated community surveillance cameras to quickly respond to different forms of security threats and suspicious activities, maximizing safety and security. Intelligent transportation systems that rely on AI-powered video analysis can manage traffic by monitoring traffic dynamics, traffic patterns, and vehicles entering and leaving the community.

AI-enabled video analytics extract useful business intelligence information from video surveillance for anomaly detection, such as potential security threats and suspicious activities to boost the hotel’s safety and security. Video analytics solutions for hotels also generate meaningful insights into guest flow, bottlenecks, and staff behavior to assist hotel managers in elevating customers’ experience and increasing profitability.

Video analytics for healthcare automatically analyze video surveillance by extracting valuable information to detect security breaches, fraudulent activities, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas, improving patients’ experience and security. Video AI analytics also monitor bottlenecks, patient flow, and staff behavior to enable healthcare providers to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and overall performance.