Gated Communities

Gated Communities Overview

Video Analytics is becoming a popular tool for gated communities as it enhances safety, security and optimizes operations. AvidBeam software modules automatically analyzes video surveillance live streams to extract wealthy useful business intelligence information. With AvidBeam Solutions, gated communities management will achieve optimum safety and security. Video analytics provide valuable insights into traffic patterns, access analysis, security threats, property, visitors, and staff management.

Solution Benefits

Improved Traffic Management

AvidBeam’s video analytics solutions can help gated communities manage & optimize traffic management through the analysis of traffic patterns, peak traffic hours and other valuable insights.

Enhanced Security

AvidBeam’s Video analytics can help gated communities detect potential safety and security threats, such as unauthorized access, intrusions & any suspicious behavior. It also allows you to identify & track vehicles & individuals entering & leaving the community.

Real-Time Monitoring

AvidBeam’s Video analytics solutions allows security personnel to respond quickly to potential security threats such as intrusion, theft, unauthorized access, etc.

AvidBeam Solutions

Gates & Accessibility

  • LPR on Gates
  • Face Recognition
  • Create Watchlists
  • Resident vs Non-Resident Access Durations
  • Vehicle Access History

Community Perimeter

  • Fence Crossing Detection
  • Left Object Detection
  • Loitering Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Illegal Parking
  • Fire & Smoke Detection

Traffic Management

  • Vehicle Count
  • Track Entry & Exit Times
  • Access Density Analysis
  • Search for Cars by License Plate, Color, Make, Model
  • Traffic Forecasts based on History

Retail Area

  • Crowd Detection
  • Social/Safety Detection
  • Customer Count
  • Gender/Age Detection
  • Visitors Database
  • Heat Map Analysis
  • Manage Occupancy

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