Intelligent Transportation

Paving the Way for Smarter Traffic Management

Intelligent Transportation System Overview

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) rely on video analytics as a key technology. AvidBeam software modules automatically analyze video surveillance footage from traffic cameras, detecting and tracking vehicles to improve traffic flow, enhance public safety, and ensure compliance with traffic regulations.

By harnessing real-time video analytics powered by AI, traffic authorities can effortlessly detect traffic dynamics, violations, and movement patterns. This, in turn, improves traffic management, streamlines operations, and creates a safer environment for all.

Solution Benefits

Improved Traffic Flow

Video AI analytics can help intelligent transportation systems analyze traffic patterns and identify congestion levels in different areas by providing valuable insights from traffic cameras.

This vital information assists in better understanding traffic dynamics, such as rush hours and bottlenecks. With video analysis, traffic authorities can adjust signal timing, deter Fatal accidents, optimize traffic flow, and enhance long-term mobility.

Enhanced Safety

Intelligent transportation systems can leverage AI-based video analytics to detect real-time incidents and traffic violations, such as illegal parking, sudden lane change, speeding vehicles, wrong-driving direction, red light violations, and Ignoring seatbelt usage.

Video analysis flags instant alerts to surveillance command centers to put in place preventative safety measures, prevent accidents, and improve safety for drivers and pedestrians.


Compliance is critical to how effectively traffic operates. By analyzing traffic data from surveillance cameras, video AI analytics solutions recognize vehicles that are breaking particular limits, ensuring adherence to traffic regulations and improving overall efficiency and safety. Embracing this transformative technology shapes the future of transportation, revolutionizing our commute



AvidBeam Solutions

License Plate Recognition

AvidBeam’s real-time video analytics software can automatically detect and flag instances of traffic violations by recognizing vehicle license plate information with date, time, and location from surveillance cameras placed at intersections.

This license plate recognition system can assist in ensuring compliance with traffic regulations, promoting safety, and reducing the risk of penalties and disputes.

Traffic Light Violations

AvidAuto is highly efficient in detecting traffic light violations. Its advanced image recognition technology and real-time monitoring capabilities can quickly and accurately detect when a vehicle runs a red light or violates other traffic signals.

AI-based video analytics systems can collect valuable information on traffic light violations, including patterns, frequency, and locations of breaches. This data can help authorities take appropriate action to deter collisions, prevent accidents, and ensure drivers obey traffic signals.

Lane Switching

AvidBeam’s advanced AI algorithms are used to track and analyze the movement of vehicles from video surveillance footage, enabling accurate detection of vehicles that cross over solid lines or make unsafe lane changes without signaling.

By detecting these abrupt lane changes, video analysis can help reduce the rate of accidents by triggering real-time alerts and notifying authorities to impose penalties on reckless drivers and adhere to traffic laws.

Illegal Parking

AvidBeam’s video analytics software can automatically detect and flag instances of illegal parking by analyzing footage from surveillance cameras installed at intersections.

By promptly addressing instances of unauthorized parking, video AI analytics can help maintain smooth traffic flow, reduce traffic jams, and diminish disruptions caused by improperly parked vehicles.

Speed Detection

AvidBeam’s video analytics software uses advanced AI technology to detect the speed of vehicles passing through a particular area, capturing clear images of license plates and identifying the make and model of the vehicle.

This real-time video analytics technology can record speeding violations as photographic evidence, allowing for the issuance of tickets or fines to offending drivers for safer and more efficient roadways.

Car Count

The vehicles count feature in AvidBeam software is designed to accurately count the number of vehicles passing through a specific area, such as a road or parking lot.

Video analysis uses computer vision algorithms to detect and track vehicles in the video frames captured by a camera on roads to alleviate congestion that leads to hazardous accidents, implement effective traffic control measures, and optimize road infrastructure.

Wrong Direction

AvidBeam’s system uses video AI cameras placed at traffic locations to capture real-time footage of vehicles. An advanced AI algorithm analyzes the footage and detects vehicles traveling in the wrong direction.

Detection of such incidents through video analytics can immediately alert nearby authorities, helping curb head-on collisions and potentially lethal accidents.

Seatbelt Violation

AvidBeam’s video AI analytics solution can detect seat belt violations by analyzing footage from traffic cameras placed on roads. If a breach is detected, the system can trigger an instant alert to authorities, who can take corrective action, such as issuing a fine for drivers neglecting their seatbelt wearing while driving.

This video analysis technology raises awareness of seatbelt usage compliance and contributes to overall road safety.

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