Know The Story Behind Every Face

AvidFace Solution

AvidFace™ detects and recognizes human faces with 90+% accuracy. It is an affordable face recognition solution that uses an efficient amount of hardware for computation compared to the market, and does not impose any restriction on subject mobility or posture. AvidFace™ provides security and operational teams with meaningful business and security intelligence information.


AvidFace Features

  • Detect and recognize faces in real time
  • Recognize VIPs at hotels, banks, and events
  • Identify Multiple People on the Go
  • Reverse image search to identify & track individuals
  • Fast search to identify and trace suspects (1:1 & 1:Many)
  • Allow & Deny List Checking
  • Custom Query, and Report Generation
  • Prevent retail crimes through blacklisted shoplifters
  • Protect Law Enforcement
  • Enroll/delete new faces to/from the system easily
  • Easily integrated with Access Control and IoT platforms
  • Diversified set of configurable lists and alarms

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