AvidFace: Know The Story Behind Every Face

Secure the World with AvidFace: Your Smart Choice for Face Recognition

AvidFace Solution

AvidFace is a scalable face-recognition solution that utilizes real-time video analytics to detect and recognize human faces with 90+% accuracy. With its video AI capabilities, AvidFace uses an efficient amount of hardware for computation compared to the market and does not impose any restrictions on subject mobility or posture.

AvidFace video-based face recognition technology is a crucial tool for bolstering security, enhancing access control, people counting, and real-time identification and tracking in both live and recorded videos. With the capability to analyze behavioral patterns, retail analytics, and consumer interactions, this advanced facial recognition system promises to deliver an exceptional user experience.


AvidFace Features

  • Detect and recognize faces in real time
  • Recognize VIPs at hotels, banks, and events
  • Identify Multiple People on the Go
  • Reverse image search to identify & track individuals
  • Fast search to identify and trace suspects (1:1 & 1:Many)
  • Allow & Deny List Checking
  • Custom Query, and Report Generation
  • Prevent retail crimes through blacklisted shoplifters
  • Protect Law Enforcement
  • Enroll/delete new faces to/from the system easily
  • Easily integrated with Access Control and IoT platforms
  • Diversified set of configurable lists and alarms

Security Threats and Anomaly Detection

Using real-time face recognition technology, AvidFace utilizes AI-enabled video analytics software to automatically analyze different facial traits of a person, contrasting them with a database of recognized faces to precisely determine matches.

AvidFace leverages video processing and analytics to detect security breaches by individuals, such as loitering, vandalism, fraud, and suspicious activities. By extracting meaningful information from surveillance cameras, AvidFace can alert security personnel to take appropriate action against potential threats and enhance overall safety and security within the community.

Multi-Face Tracking

AvidFace employs an AI-powered video analytics technology to capture multiple faces in a frame by analyzing live or recorded footage from surveillance cameras. This face recognition system features multi-face tracking that captures many faces of several individuals in a scene, such as events, retail environments, and crowded public venues, even in complex scenarios like overlapping and obscured faces.

Access Control for Gates & Restricted Areas

AvidFace video-based face recognition technology can be easily integrated with access control systems to trace people entering and exiting gates and buildings. This face recognition model is based on a real-time video AI analytics solution that analyzes surveillance cameras by extracting meaningful information to identify suspicious individuals.

AvidFace video analytics search helps identify potential suspects in live or recorded video footage by matching their faces against a database of known faces to grant or deny individuals from gate access and restricted areas according to pre-set criteria, ensuring safety and security for everyone.

Customer Behavior Visualization

With its advanced face recognition and video analytics capabilities, AvidFace swiftly identifies customers, revealing key information like names, ages, and relevant biographical details. AI-powered video analysis helps businesses obtain profound insights into customer behavior by graphically displaying data through charts, graphics, and dashboards. This could help empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize customer experiences, deliver personalized services for VIPs, and forge robust customer relationships, setting new industry standards.

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