AvidHawk: Eye Hunt Like a Hawk

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AvidHawk Solution

AvidHawk is an advanced video analytics search and summarization tool that summarizes long video archives into short clips and processes video footage to extract all existing objects and events. Video AI analysis records tags and annotations of objects and events for faster offline search, operation monitoring, area inspection, forensic evidence collection & efficiency.

Using artificial intelligence to combine big data, deep learning, and computer vision technologies effectively condenses extensive video surveillance archives into brief clips that are individually connected to pertinent events. This enables quick search through vast amounts of footage obtained from diverse sources and retrieving useful intelligence with ease.

AvidHawk Features

  • Summarize Long Video Archives to Short Clips with Tags for Fast Search and Event Detection
  • Identify Objects Within a Particular Region of Interest
  • Allows Limiting the Search on Objects Based on Their Class Category
  • Provide Operational and Security Insights for Businesses
  • Limit Search to a specific Video File, Source, or a Specific Time Segment
  • Video Forensic Analysis

Video Forensic Analysis

AvidHawk employs video AI analytics systems that investigate video footage to urge significant information and insights from surveillance cameras.

Video forensic analysis is commonly utilized in security, law enforcement, and investigative agencies to analyze and decipher video recordings of incidents, crimes, and other events. The essential objective of forensic video analysis is to present precise and objective proof that can be utilized in legitimate procedures.

By analyzing surveillance footage, video AI can assist related authorities to take appropriate action toward accidents and crimes, mitigating the risk of misconception or bias, and enhancing safety measures.

Customer Journey Analytics and Optimization

By integrating AvidHawk with AvidRetail, the operational and marketing departments of retail stores can reveal more valuable insights about customers’ behavior patterns from in-store video surveillance cameras.

This powerful combination with video AI enables the generation of short clips that accurately capture customers’ interactions with different products on the store floor to enrich store layout, product placement, and customer experience.

Object and Suspect Detection

AvidHawk uses an AI-enabled video analytics procedure that includes naturally finding particular objects of intrigue and searching for suspicious individuals inside a video stream by extracting valuable insights from surveillance cameras.

Real-time video analytics can effortlessly distinguish objects, capture an image of any action of a moving object, and explore suspects with specific colored belongings within the areas under surveillance.

By leveraging video analytics search, a prompt alarm is triggered to security personnel so they can make informed decisions about these suspicious actions, increasing safety and security.

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