Smart Retail

Smart Retail Overview

In today’s digital age, conventional retailers must adjust and start innovating to avoid falling behind. Video Analytics allows for a greater understanding of consumer views, preferences, and purchasing patterns which was only available for e-retailers. AvidBeam software modules automatically analyzes video surveillance live streams to extract wealthy useful business intelligence information. With AvidBeam Solutions, conventional retailers can replicate e-retail analytics experience. It aims to provide store owners with intelligence related to business operations such as customer count, demographics, pathway, and marketing graphs for distribution, density and pathway analysis.

Solution Benefits

Customer Experience

AvidRetail Video analytics solutions can help retailers understand customer behavior, preferences, and shopping patterns. This can allow retailers to optimize their store layouts, product displays, and staffing to enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers.

Enhanced Security

Video analytics solutions can help retailers detect and prevent theft, intrusion, loitering, unauthorized access and other security breaches.

Optimized Operations

Video analytics solutions can help retailers optimize their operations by providing real-time insights into critical business operations. This can include identifying areas of improvement, detecting customer bottlenecks, and optimizing product placement and staff allocation.

AvidBeam Retail Solutions

Visitor Count

Real-time counting allows retailers the opportunity to plan ahead by estimating the number of visitors per day, identify the busiest days & rush hours. This allows retailers to make data-driven decisions about staff allocation. If there’s more than one store, you can compare between stores and unuderstand which store layout/positioning is most effective.

Demographic Analysis

AvidRetail has reporting tools that provide valuable insights into customer demographics. Customer profiling allows retailers to access customer demographic data, understand which demographic segment visits the store the most. Enhance marketing campaigns by utilizing the data collected.

Heat Map Analysis

The heat mapping technology allows retailers to identify the paths taken by the customer therefore, knowing the popular sections and products as well as areas that generate no activity. In addition to identifying the areas customers interact most with, Dwell Time Analysis allows retailers to also know how much time customers spend in different areas.

Pathway Analysis

Customer Movement and pathway Analysis allows retailers to understand the customer journey within the store and identify pain points. The heat mapping technology allows retailers to identify the paths taken by the customer.

Manage Occupancy

By utilizing occupancy detection technology, these solutions can count the number of people entering and exiting a store and monitor the occupancy levels in real-time. This can help retailers avoid overcrowding and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Traffic Forecast

AvidRetail’s traffic forecast solution can provide valuable data insights, such as peak traffic hours and popular areas within the store, allowing retailers to optimize their store layouts and product displays to improve customer flow and increase sales as well as optimize staff allocation.

Data Visualization

AvidRetail provides comprehensive and informative reports tailored for managers, presenting visualized data through intuitive Time/Space graphics and various detailed configurations. These reports offer valuable insights and enable intelligent management for more efficient and effective retail solutions.

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