AvidBeam’s Intelligent Transport System: The Future of Traffic Management

Consider a world in which cities breathe easily, traffic flows smoothly, and drivers enjoy their drives with utmost safety. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have the capacity to achieve this vision in the realm of technological advancements.

An intelligent transport system is a sophisticated solution aiming to deliver innovative traffic management facilities. This system meticulously collects, analyzes, and shares real-time data, enabling intelligent decision-making, reducing congestion, and improving road safety.

A crucial component of ITS is the integration of video analytics with AI-powered algorithms, accompanied by real-time display capabilities. This powerful combination provides valuable insights by continuously monitoring the number of vehicles on the roadways and detecting traffic violations. In case of congestion or violations, an alert is promptly sent to surveillance command centers, enabling efficient management of the situation.

To improve traffic efficiency and minimize traffic challenges, AvidBeam’s ITS provides users with critical information about traffic conditions to reduce travel time, increase safety, and enhance overall convenience for commuters.


Traffic Situation and Safety Concerns Facing Urban Cities

The multiple challenges facing road networks in most large cities around the world are a clear threat to the overall quality of life and daily commuting.

Egypt, for example, has had an ever-growing population that exacerbates traffic jams and congestion. The studies have shown a consistent rise in Egypt’s population growth, with predictions indicating that it will reach 118.43 million people by 2028 for the fifth consecutive year. The substantial growth of the population has greatly contributed to an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, resulting in sluggish traffic flow, frequent congestion, extended travel durations, increased safety concerns among drivers, and reduced vehicle performance

A study, conducted over recent years, reveals that Cairo’s traffic incurs a staggering cost of LE 47 billion annually. This includes expenses related to delays, wasted time, health issues, decreased productivity, and fuel consumption. The forecasts are expected to reach LE 105 billion by 2030.

Navigating city roads can be a nightmare for most road users, as reckless driving poses a serious threat to road safety. Most drivers tend to not comply with traffic regulations and this includes extreme speeding, unauthorized parking, contempt for red light signals, abrupt lane changes, driving in the wrong direction, neglecting seatbelt-wearing, using mobile phones while driving, and blocking intersections. These behaviors jeopardize the smooth flow of traffic and increase the risk of accidents.

AvidBeam has taken a proactive approach to tackle these challenges by using AI video analytics systems. This innovative solution aims to enhance traffic safety and effectively alleviate the aforementioned issues.



Enhancing Road Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Parking has always been a troublesome dilemma in metropolitan cities, forcing drivers to park their vehicles on private properties, in no-parking areas, or even next to another car parked at the side of the road, impeding traffic flow.

These illegal parking violations are often detected using traditional video monitoring systems that require traffic officers to zoom in on a vehicle’s footage for a closer look at the license plate. However, this method is ineffective because it may not accurately read the license plates of occluded vehicles, leading to potential errors.

Fortunately, in the realm of technological advancements, AvidBeam offers a more precise intelligent detection system for monitoring such kinds of violations. This video analytics software can automatically track vehicle movements and flag instances of parking violations in real-time by analyzing footage from strategically installed surveillance cameras at junctions. By leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, this technology provides surveillance command centers with vital information such as the license plate number, violation time, violation location, and parking duration to prosecute offenders and enhance road safety.

Reckless driving, which comes in multiple forms and occurs when drivers fail to adhere to traffic laws and practices, also poses significant risks on roadways. For instance, drivers who suddenly change lanes, travel in the wrong direction, exceed the speed limit, or violate traffic signals not only put themselves at risk but also endanger the safety of passengers, resulting in car collisions and life-threatening injuries.

With the aim of addressing these traffic problems, AvidBeam’s intelligent transportation systems rely on video analytics designed to extract statistics from security cameras, enabling informed traffic enforcement decisions.

Using advanced AI algorithms, AvidBeam’s video analytics solutions can automatically track and analyze the movement of vehicles from traffic cameras. It determines lane-switching violations or if a vehicle crosses the stop line after running a red light. It also breaches other traffic signals and quickly triggers an alert when a vehicle travels in the opposite direction to save passengers and pedestrians on roadways from potential harm.

In addition, the system has accurate speed measurement capabilities, capturing clear images as evidence, which can be used to enforce speed limits and impose fines on reckless drivers.

For an extra layer of road security, AvidBeam software modules also help identify drivers who are using their mobile phones while driving. By recognizing and reporting these individuals, the technology can help prevent accidents caused by inattentive drivers and minimize property damage. They are also playing a key role in detecting seat belt violations and raising awareness of the importance of seatbelt usage in improving overall road safety.

AvidBeam’s solutions offer a promising opportunity to improve road safety, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce risks associated with parking and traffic violations. By integrating intelligent detection systems and advanced analytics, AvidBeam’s solutions can help create a safer road environment and promote better adherence to traffic laws.


Improving Road Safety with Vehicle Counting and Classification System

Traffic congestion not only adversely affects the cost of burning fuel, vehicle maintenance, and driver attitude but also amplifies safety concerns, leading to an increase in the likelihood of accident rates.

By leveraging AvidBeam’s intelligent vehicle flow analysis system, traffic officers can precisely count the number of vehicles on roadways and parking zones over a period of time, and obtain statistics on rush hours to take opportune measures toward traffic congestion.

This system employs computer vision algorithms to analyze the movement and trajectory of each vehicle in video frames captured by surveillance cameras, to mitigate traffic volume and accidents.

On the other hand, AvidBeam’s vehicle classification feature is another powerful plugin that searches for vehicles by their color, type, make, and model to detect potential suspects, enhancing safety and security within the community.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning technology, this software analyzes images and extracts relevant features, which are then employed to classify vehicles accurately.



AvidBeam’s intelligent traffic systems have been successfully deployed in City Stars Heliopolis, Smart Village, Maadi Tech Park, and Madinaty in Egypt to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, detect different traffic violations, and improve traffic safety. AvidBeam’s scalability, adaptability, and effectiveness in diverse urban environments make it a promising solution for traffic management.