State-of-the-art solution that saves transmission bandwidth while efficiently streaming video content

What is DiVA™?

DiVA™ is a comprehensive and robust solution that optimizes video transmission bandwidth with limited effect to the video stream quality. It uses a multistage filter pipeline where several filters are used to eliminate unnecessary frames and identify region of interest before invoking the video transcoder. Consequently, the transmitted bandwidth can be reduced dramatically without affecting the quality of the important information in the video frames. Operators can enable/disable each filter separately as well as configure each filter according to their needs

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Hardware Accelerated
Saves Bandwidth
Saves Cost

DiVA™ Transcoding Options

Transcoding can save bitrate by 30-60% based on the selected approach. DiVA™ uses one or a combination of the below transcoding options:

  • Format Transcoding e.g., H.264 -> H.265
  • Resolution Transcoding (e.g., HD <-> SD resolution)
  • Frame rate transcoding:  (e.g., 30 frames/s to 10 frames/s)
  • Bitrate transcoding (e.g., 2000 Kbps -> 1500 kbps):
  • Static Region of Interest
  • Dynamic Region of Interest

Looking to save your video transmission bandwidth?