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Efficiently extracts a wealth of business and security intelligence information from online/offline video sources.

AvidBeam Smart Solutions

AvidBeam products are a diversified set of Computer Vision/Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are configured with the AvidBeam analytics engine. AvidBeam products algorithms automatically analyze video streams, live or recorded, to extract a wealth of useful business intelligence information, in elegant visual formats, and so maximize the efficiency of AvidBeam clients.

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Hardware Agnostic
Tailored CV/AI Algorithms
Informative Analytics

AvidGuard™ - The Intelligent Security System

An early warning system that provides smart cities homeland security with real-time security intelligence information about vehicles, people, and objects.

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AvidHawk™ - The Ultimate Video Summarization Tool

Summarize long video archives to short clips with tags for fast search and after-the-fact fast event detection.

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AvidBI™ "Business Intelligent" - A Real-Time Business Insights

Real-Time business intelligence insights to reflect Retail shops and large malls occupancy with predictive analytics for better retail operations management. AvidBI™ uses video surveillance cameras as a source of business intelligence information to count visitors and to draw their movement directions on retail shops/malls map.

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AvidAuto™ - An Innovative Tool For A Better Traffic Monitoring

Monitors Real-time traffic movement to provide vehicle’s license plates info, tracking history, traffic statistics, trending, and forecasting. This can be used by authorities in public streets, and by gated community operators for better management and control of the traffic flow.

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AvidAnnotation™ - The Ground Truth Labeling

Tag, annotate, classify, and search thousands of video and LiDAR drive data to furnish the automatic ground truth labeling services needed for autonomous Vehicles ADAS testing.

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