Autonomous Vehicles Ground Truth LabelingIntegrated tool for automatic and manual annotation that is easy to use, extremely customizable and cost efficient.
Tag, annotate, classify, and search thousands of video and sensors data to facilitate autonomous vehicles and ADAS testing

Diversified annotation scenarios with built-in intelligence to detect, recognize and relate objects

Flexible architecture with diversified set of features to ease automation of the complex-annotation process

  • Cloud-Based Architecture tested with major cloud suppliers (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM Soft-layer)
  • Automatic annotation for uploaded/stored data
  • 2D/3D Annotation mapping for Video & Point Cloud
  • Integrate Drive testing metadata with annotation results (Country, Location, Driver Name, GPS…)
  • Built-in Manual annotation support to review and edit annotated data
  • Semi-Automatic tracking for manually annotated objects
  • Elastic search for annotated data
  • Scene management and scene search
  • Object tagging with re-sizable bounding box
  • 3d point cloud clustering
  • Functional annotation support
  • Curb detection
  • Scalable Open platform with open API’s to add new CV/AI algorithms easily
  • Ability to retrain built-in algorithms or train new CV/AI models for better recognition accuracy, and to leverage system automation
  • Flexible and Easy integration with content management systems and ADAS testing system

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