AvidAuto: The Essence of Safety

An Intelligent vehicle-flow analytics solution that translates data into meaningful visual information

Download AvidAuto Data Sheet

  • License Plate Recognition (Arabic/Latin)
  • Vehicles count in a certain direction
  • Track a specific car to identify vehicles movement pattern
  • Access density analysis
  • Searching for cars by License plate, Date and Time, and Location
  • Detects cars moving in the wrong direction
  • White list or blacklist checking
  • Saves thumbnails pictures for each car detection
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Diversified set of configurable alarms
  • Immediate notification to email or using SMS
  • A detailed report in PDF format
  • Easy integration with external systems (Alarms, Smart Gates,…)
  • Integrated with different VMS systems