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Deep Communication infrastructure expertise blended with strong network
of relationships with mobile operators and infrastructure vendors
makes AvidBeam your Ideal Partner to support network
operators' migration towards SDN/NFV

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  • Video Analytics, video streaming people count and License Plate Recognition

Trusted By These Partners

Leading ecosystem vendors and operators are partnering with AvidBeam to collaborate in SDN/NFV network migration projects.

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  • Intel & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • f5 & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • etisalat & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • sandvine & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • brocade & Avidbeam SDN / NFV
  • redhat & Avidbeam SDN / NFV


Global Mobile Data Traffic is predicted to explode to 15 Exabytes Per Month by 2018. This is 10 times what network operators had by the end of 2013.

This is putting a lot of pressure on service providers, as they need to serve their end-users data requirements while at the same time keeping their CAPEX/OPEX at a reasonable level to remain profitable. Software-Defined-Network “SDN” and Network-Functions-Virtualization “NFV” concepts are expected to reduce service providers costs and drive more flexibility into the network provisioning and service delivery.

AvidBeam offers a variety of services in the NFV domain

We provide integration services for virtualized network functions running on Standard High Volume servers. We are proud integrators of non-core functions such as firewall, Carrier Grade NAT, routing and deep packet inspection, DDOS, all the way to video optimization, content distribution networks and video caching all running as NFV components.

We deliver proof of concepts for virtualized network functions to operators interested in validating these functions before commercial deployment working with their network vendors and suppliers.

We deliver video packaging and optimization services such as video conferencing solutions, video transcoding and adaptive video streaming.

Big Data Video Analytics

Video streaming migration to MPEG-DASH

Big Data Video Analytics

Customize service providers’ video apps & SDKs

Big Data Video Analytics

     Knowledge extraction from Video Big Data

Video Management Systems

            Bandwidth optimization            “Transcoding, caching,…”

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